5 Most Beautiful Advanced Classical Pieces for Flute

1 de septiembre de 2020

cover 5 Most Beautiful Advanced Classical Pieces for Flute

Looking for the music piece that will both enchant your practice and help you perfect your technique?

You are in the right place! Discover in this article our selection of the 5 most beautiful classical masterpieces for confirmed flutists.

These essential pieces from flute repertoire can all be found on Metronaut App for you to play with high quality accompaniments recorded by professional musicians.

1. Mozart's Flute Concerto in G Major

Mozart composed this masterpiece at the worst time of his life: His mother had just died and he was living in dire financial circumstances… It may be too late to cheer him up now but his joyful flute concerto can certainly lift your spirit and put a smile on your face for a long time! Preview on Metronaut

2. Chaminade's Concertino

This one is a standard of flute repertoire, always played and taught in conservatoires all around the world. No need for you to go to any music school, take any train or bus... Simply open Metronaut and play. Much faster! Preview on Metronaut

3. Queen of the Night's aria (Mozart)

Although this one wasn’t originally written for flute, we think you will certainly enjoy playing it. Within one of Mozart’s most famous opera, The Magic Flute, the Queen of the Night is feeling threatened in her power and position and expresses it by singing this memorable, fast paced and menacingly grandiose aria. No need for you to feel rage, fury or revengeful to perform this one - you can just enjoy playing this epic aria and impress your friends… Preview on Metronaut

4. Fantaisie for flute (Gaubert)

After a prominent career as a flutist of the Paris Opera, Gaubert was appointed as professor of Flute at the Paris Conservatoire, as well as principal conductor of leading orchestras. It was during this time that Gaubert composed his Fantasy for Flute, which remains to this day his most memorable piece. Preview on Metronaut

5. Mozart's Andante in C for Flute and Orchestra

It seems that this piece of music was composed by Mozart to replace the second movement of his first flute concerto, commissioned by Ferdinand De Jean who disliked it. Imagine you ask Mozart to start over again...maybe because you're not able to play it. No problem here for you, we have both of these works in our app, so you can choose the one you want! Preview on Metronaut

Enjoy your practice and see you soon on Metronaut!