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Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to Youuu! Get ready to celebrate with Mildred Hill's classic, "Happy Birthday to You", available on the Metronaut app. This beloved song, recognized worldwide as the ultimate birthday anthem, is a must-have for any musician's repertoire, and a great piece to learn to impress your friends and family at a birthday party. Originally composed by Mildred Hill, a Kentucky educator, and her sister Patty, the song was first published in 1893 under the title "Good Morning to All". Its simple yet catchy melody quickly gained popularity, and the lyrics we know and love today were added later. It currently holds the Guinness World Record as the most recognized song in the English language! Mildred Hill filed for copyright of the song in 1935, but the copyright was later disputed. After several legal battles, the song's copyright status became uncertain, leading to its widespread use in public domain. In 2016, a U.S. federal judge ruled that Warner/Chappell Music's copyright claim to the song was invalid, declaring it a public domain work. Learn to play this fun and iconic song today with our easy sheet music, available on over 20 instruments, including piano, violin and trumpet. Play along to an adaptable musical accompaniment and take control of the tempo as you learn on the Metronaut app. With high-quality digital scores available for printing and download, you'll be ready to serenade your friends and family on their special day in no time. So, grab your instrument and get ready to spread joy and cheer!


初級 由鋼琴伴奏小提琴版本


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