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River Flows in You


Dive into the mesmerizing melody of "River Flows in You", available on the Metronaut app! This contemporary piano piece has captured the hearts of listeners around the world with its emotive melody and tranquil mood. This piece was composed by Yiruma, a South Korean pianist and composer known for his evocative and introspective music. Originally released in 2001 as part of his album "First Love", the piece gained widespread popularity after being featured in various media, including films, television shows, and commercials. Its serene and reflective nature makes it a favorite among pianists of all levels. Find the arrangement of "River Flows in You" which fits you the best on Metronaut: whether you want to recreate this piece on piano, violin, cello, or any of our 20+ instrument arrangements, and whether you want to start with an easy arrangement or one true to the original composition. Play along to high-quality orchestral accompaniments on Metronaut, which adapt to your tempo and to your playing, and recreate the enchanting sounds of the original composition with ease. Find sheet music in the app, and download or print it to be able to practice and play anywhere. Start your musical journey with Metronaut today and enjoy learning and playing this contemporary hit! Want to play more of Yiruma's compositions? Explore our Yiruma Sheet Music collection and discover more of his greatest hits!


中級 獨奏作品樂器: 鋼琴


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