Metronaut: the tailor-made musical accompaniment app for classical musicians

Play with Professional Orchestras and Musicians!
Enjoy our growing catalog of music accompaniments for every instrument and level. Metronaut’s accompanists are among the best orchestras and pianists and each accompaniment offers fully acoustic and high quality studio recordings.
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Take control over tempo and key
You’re in full control of the digital score: Play or sing hard or previously inaccessible pieces by choosing the speed of the accompaniment and discover pieces not written for your instrument thanks to automatic and quality preserving transposition.
Take the lead and play at your own rhythm
Personalize your performance using our speed adaptation feature. Get empowered to play at your own rhythm throughout the piece: Metronaut adapts accompaniment tempo to your interpretation in real-time.
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The little I’ve seen on this app is impressive. For those missing Cadenza this could be the new replacement. Can’t wait till more music is added. Basically it’s a piano accompaniment to your practice. Great potential.
By Jadzla
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Finally !! The ultimately MMO App
I’m a great fan of music minus one, it’s very useful for all levels of musicians, for learning and for having fun too. This app (this incredible app) is what i was waiting. Simple and ingenius. You choose an instrument, the piece and in a few seconds the app will download it and it’s ready to play…and the special thing is then, at the same time, it record your sound. Another cool feature is the possibility to change the “tempo” (speed) so you can practice slowly and after play at the right tempo.
By Redon78