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Are you an independent music teacher or a representative of a music school? Metronaut is a dynamic pedagogic assistant, providing many benefits for music teachers looking to enhance their approaches:

  • Keep your students motivated, in classes and at home

  • Have an all-in-one tool to enhance your music teaching experience

  • Differentiate yourself & retain your students longer

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Keep your music students motivated

  • Metronaut makes your students enjoy practicing music in classes and at home.

  • High quality piano and orchestra accompaniments for all instruments and levels.

  • Over 10,000 music sheets (keeps growing!).
    Classical, pop, movie soundtracks…

  • Many tools to help your students master difficult passages.
    Tempo adjustment, annotation on sheet music, metronome…

All-in-one tool to enhance your music teaching experience

  • Communicate with your students more flexibly. Get access to features that facilitate teaching inside and outside classes: playlist sharing, print, recording…

  • Annotate your students’ scores, as you would do on a regular sheet music.
    You can also print the scores!

  • Have access to your students’ recordings and statistics to measure their practice attendance and progress.

Differentiate yourself & retain your students longer

  • Be innovative!

  • Engage your students over time and get new ones thanks to our dedicated Teacher offer.

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American Voice teacher in the Yvelines

Five stars illustration

As a classical singer and voice teacher, I am delighted. I will be spending more time this week looking at it and listening to it. So far, I find that the sound of the piano is gorgeous and the orchestral accompaniments also. I find that for "young" singers this is terrific.

Well done!

Five stars illustration

Fantastic app for our students. It comes with truly beautiful accompaniments and the ability to work at different tempos and loop on selected measures!

A music app I am actually willing to pay for…

Five stars illustration

I cannot thank you enough. You've made practicing Classical as fun for me as Jazz. You've accomplished something no one could do in my classical playing life. My future wins audition self will thank you, I thank you.

Teacher's Must Have

Five stars illustration

Change keys, clefs etc. Playback and printing. Variety of material.

All you need.

Five stars illustration

Worth it! Thank you.

The best accompaniment APP

Five stars illustration

My students and I love to use the APP in class, very good quality for the accompaniment parts. Hope to upload more cello works.

Good surprise!

Five stars illustration

As a music teacher, I love using Metronaut !! My students too. Many music sheets and beautiful arrangements :clap::clap:

Very good music app!

Five stars illustration

My violin teacher introduced me to this app, and since then, I've been using it regularly. It's a real pleasure to play with. I highly recommend it.

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