Yiruma Sheet Music

Discover the enchanting world of Yiruma, brought to life through our collection of sheet music! A South Korean pianist and composer, he has captured the hearts of millions worldwide with his wildly popular emotive and evocative melodies. Yiruma began playing the piano at the age of five, and studied in London, where he earned a degree in composition. He gained international recognition with his breakout piece, "River Flows in You," and his albums have since sold millions of copies worldwide. It's nearly impossible to find someone today, musician or not, who hasn't heard this widely famous melody. His compositions blend elements of classical, pop, and jazz, creating a unique and captivating sound–typically featuring simple yet emotive melodies accompanied by lush harmonies–that resonates with listeners of all ages. Fully immerse yourself in the world of Yiruma with Metronaut and explore the emotional depth of his compositions by playing with an adaptable orchestral accompaniment on the Metronaut app! With our sheet music arrangements for all difficulty levels and 20+ instruments, including piano, violin, flute, and saxophone, you'll have the tools you need to truly bring these songs to life. So, grab your instrument and let's dive into the music with Metronaut! Start learning today with digital sheet music for "River Flows in You", "Kiss the Rain" and "May Be". Looking for similar pieces to play? Check out our collection of Einaudi sheet music!