5 things to know about Mozart

February 12, 2021

cover 5 things to know about Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) was an influential composer of the Classical period. He spent most of his carrier in Vienna, Austria.

1. He composed a literal "musical joke"

Mozart was great at pulling pranks. In order to make fun of bad composers he created a music piece with melodies that didn’t fit together

2. He overshadowed his talented sister

Mozart’s older sister used to tour with Mozart and their father. She helped him compose and orchestrate his first symphony.

3. He created a great friendship with Haydn

Haydn was a major influence in Mozart’s life. He was unfairly called the “poor man’s Mozart” whereas being a incredible composer.

4. His love for food may have killed him

Mozart was known to be a food lover. A recent study suggests that he may have died from eating undercooked pork!

5. His skull was donated to a Museum

Mozart didn’t have a lot of money and was buried in a community grave. His skull was donated to the Mozarteum Foundation years after.

Here are our favorites pieces on Metronaut:

1.Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
2.The Magic Flute - Queen of the Night Aria
3.Clarinet Concerto - 2. Adagio
4.A Little Night Music K.525 - 1. Allegro
5.Sonata No.11 K.331 - 3. Alla Turca (Turkish March)